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The Oskar Ursinus Vereinigung (OUV) was founded in 1968 and now has a considerable number of around 1,000 members. The aim of the association, to support the members in realizing aircraft self-construction projects, is underlined in the motto "Dreaming - Building - Flying".

The founding meeting took place on March 9, 1968 in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Building, new developments, training, increasing performance and security were the topics of the founding lectures. To date, these topics have not lost their topicality.

If the OUV originally only wanted to support the construction of newly developed projects, today it primarily promotes the self-construction of kit planes. If a complete in-house development often takes more than 10 years, the dream of owning a plane can be realized much faster by building a kit plane. No matter which variant you choose, the Oskar Ursinus Association is at your side as a competent partner.

The club is named after Oskar Ursinus, who is mostly known as “Rhönvater”. Born on March 11, 1878 and quickly interested in the increasing success of the first aviation pioneers of the Wright brothers, Ursinus founded the trade magazine "Flugsport". Oskar Ursinus designed his own aircraft and engines and founded flight clubs and flight engineering institutions. Wherever possible, he also tried to promote model and gliding. In 1920, for example, his initiative led to the first Rhön glider competition.

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