We offer affordable and reliable aircraft maintenance software for your business.

Our large database contains more than 100,000 documents! (EASA ADs, FAA ADs (from 1965 onwards), French ADs (from 1965 onwards), German NfL II (from 1960 onwards), all German LBA ADs (from 1960 onwards), numerous SBs and TNs from different manufacturers, all German TCDSs as well as EASA TCDSs, and many more. By updating this database regularly, we furthermore ensure that you always stay up-to-date.

Serving all types of aircraft – from ultralights to large commercial aircraft to helicopters - ASA-AMOffice© currently satisfies the needs of more than 300 customers throughout Europe.

Request your test version today and get convinced of our flexible maintenance software.

Core functions

Inverval monitoring

Monitoring of maintenance intervals

Easy to use

Easy to use

Aircraft independent

Suitable for different types of aircraft

Very large database of documents

Huge database of documents

Ideal to operate in networks

Ideal for network use

Available in German and English

Available in German and English


Request your test version today!

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Online Logbook

The transfer of logbook-data has never been easier.

Our online logbook for transmitting flight-data represents the perfect interface with your customers.

Whenever one of your customers updates the logbook, you automatically receive an e-mail ensuring you stay up-to-date at any time.

Beyond that, regular synchronization processes make sure that our online logbook is perfectly integrated into our aircraft maintenance software ASA-AMOffice©

  • Satisfy the requirements of CAMO+ fast and budget-friendly
  • Worldwide online access for you as well as your customers
  • Stay always up-to-date
  • Access the logbook-data of your customers any time, anywhere
  • Synchronize your logbook data with ASA-AMOffice©
  • New: Now also available for smartphones and tablets

Some of our clients

Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter mbH (LGW)
CAMO Netherlands b. v.
CAMOplus GmbH
Haiml Aviation
Luftsportclub der Zeppelinstadt Friedrichshafen
Flugtechnik Stuttgart GmbH
Roeder Praezision

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