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Merchandise management system for aviation!

ASA-WHSales© is the new merchandise management system for aviation!

Integrated in ASA-AMOffice©, you can settle the billing of maintenance work or CAMO activities efficiently and within one software solution.

Create offers directly from a diagnostic report and use the times based on experience from previous work.

Use the warehousing of ASA-WHSales© to manage your warehouse, to reorder spare parts or to reserve items for your customers.

The ASA-WHSales© authorization system enables you to use your employees individually.

Contact us today for a free demonstration of the new merchandise management system ASA-WHSales©!


The function overview includes the current status of development - further features will be added gradually.

  •  Purchasing with order proposals

     Sales (offers, delivery note, invoice, etc.)

     Offer creation from work report

     Product management

     Serial numbers, part numbers, durability (limited life cycle)

     LTA/AD monitoring of stock items

     Linking of aircraft positions and articles


     and much more

Your inquiry about ASA-WHSales©

Do you have any questions about ASA-WHSales© or would you like to be shown how it works?

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Your inquiry about ASA-WHSales©


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