Our online logbook represents the perfect interface with your customers when it comes to transmitting and sharing an aircraft’s logbook data.

Onlinebordbuch App

To simplify the transmission of logbook data, ASA Datec Datensysteme GmbH created the online logbook.

The intuitive online logbook enables you to satisfy the requirements of CAMO + economically and fast.

You get an automatic email notification each time the logbook is changed. Thereby, we make sure that you always stay up-to-date.

The online logbook can be easily synchronized with ASA-AMOffice©. Every time you start ASA-AMOffice© you will be informed that new operating times are pending for your aircraft. The operating times of the aircraft you are responsible for are always up to date.



Manage your staff and customers

Our online logbook allows you to create user logins for all of your staff members and customers.

Since you can assign tasks and rights to each user login separately, it is guaranteed that each person only obtains the rights he or she is supposed to have.


Manage your aircraft

You can easily integrate your aircraft into our online logbook. Besides, it is possible to create user logins for your customers so that they can access the operation times.

Each time one of your customers updates the logbook, you will automatically receive an email notification.


Synchronization with ASA-AMOffice

In case you already use our aircraft maintenance software ASA-AMOffice, you can synchronize the service times with our online logbook. As a result, you can keep the service times of your aircraft up-to-date next to no time.

Logbook Management


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Cost overview (excl. VAT.) KBIcon

ASA-AMOffice Licence-Customer

Online Logbook 94,-€ (non recurring)
Maintenance contract 36,-€ (per year)

Note: For legal reasons you can request the free basic version of ASA-AMOffice© within Europe only. We ask for your understanding.



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